In a world of increasing social fragmentation, Hardline is dedicated to sharing original stories drawn from real human experiences.

We tell our stories through the use of invigorating physical practice, collaborative technical integration, and a passion to connect with our audiences. 


As an emerging organization our company values and artistic philosophy continues to deepen. We have developed three core concepts, or touchstones, that we consider while creating our stories.

1) Powerful theatre educates and builds empathy — through the creation of Redpatch we realized that many Canadians were unaware of the history of how aboriginal soldiers had fought for Canada in the war. By sharing this little-known story, we felt that we were able to create meaningful impact on Canadian citizens through education. We were illuminating a piece of our Canadian history, and creating a sense of awareness and empathy for aboriginal veterans. We felt as though we were changing the social prism in which indigenous people were viewed. Our feeling is that this social change is achieved through the process of education and developing empathy for others.


2) Powerful theatre connects us to our own personal stories — after nearly every performance of Redpatch someone from the audience would tell us a story about their grandfather or father who had served abroad. We would see tears in the eyes of the speakers who shared their story's with us. This is when we realized that powerful theatre makes the audience remember something from their own life. Memory is powerful, and a story that can connects us to a personal memory or feeling is extremely potent. We strive to produce stories that allow our audiences to re-call special moments in their own life.


3) Powerful theatre challenges convention — Redpatch was cast with an entirely indigenous cast of mixed gendered actors. The characters in the play did notreflect the diversity within the cast, but we choose to conceptually cast the play in order to challenge the pre-existing idea of what casting should be. Audiences did note this factor in the play. A consistent question in post-show talkbacks was, "Why did you cast females in this show, even though they’re playing male roles?" It's a valid question. The answer for us, is that we feel that in order to produce strong theatre, we must challenge the audience to a degree, and to a greater degree, challenge the conventions of traditional theatre. This is a value that we maintain at Hardline.


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